RC46 Elections in Toronto

Applications for the RC46 Executive Board

RC46 is now accepting applications for Executive Board members.  Board members’ terms are for four years (2018-2022).  Candidates for the Executive Board MUST:

  1. Have been an active participant in one or more RC46 meetings in the past three years (RC46 meetings in Vienna, Johannesburg, Montréal and /or Toronto).
  2. Be willing to attend all or at least most RC46 meetings in the next four years (2018-22).
  3. Have actively fostered clinical sociology at some point or points in the last three years (e.g., solicited new members, published something clearly identified with clinical sociology, promoted clinical sociology, organized a clinical sociology session, gave a presentation about clinical sociology, developed clinical sociology in a city or country, took on a responsibility for RC46)
  4. Be willing to assume a responsibility (leading or assisting) for RC46 during the next four years (e.g., training, newsletter, website development, archives/special collections, membership recruitment, coordination of regional representatives, program coordination, scholarship development, take charge of the RC46 awards process, translate RC documents).
  5. Be willing to update your membership (when needed in the future) to be a member (in good standing) of both the ISA and RC46 through 2022. (The ISA does not allow an RC to apply for certain ISA opportunities if one or more Executive Board members are not in good standing.)

An application consists of a detailed response to each of the five separate topics listed above.  (Make sure your responses are numbered 1 – 5.)  Please also include a CV/Resume.  The application should to sent to Tina Uys – at tuys@uj.ac.za – and must be received no later than June 15.  (Early career sociologists – if they meet the criteria listed above – are encouraged to apply to be an Executive Board member.  If the criteria aren’t met at this time, consider asking to be a Regional Representative.)

The Nominations Committee will review the applications for the board and determine the number of board members.  Current Nominations Committee members can apply to be on the next Executive Board, but no one can vote on her/his own application as part of the nominations process.

The Nominations Committee will select people to run for the executive board based on the individual criteria (mentioned above) and group criteria specified in the statutes (e.g., the number of candidates from any one country, diversity of board membership, at least one or more of the people on the board should not have been on the board the previous four years).  A person not selected as a candidate for board membership may be asked to consider becoming a regional representative.

Candidate profiles will be sent to RC46 members before the meeting in Toronto and will be available at the RC46 business meeting.  RC46 members attending the business meeting will vote on the candidates for the Executive Board.  The board members (2018-2022) will elect the officers from among their group.

Previous presidents and the current president of this RC have all been asked if they would like to be members of the new Executive Board.  A previous or current president must meet the individual criteria specified for board members.  If a former or current president meets the criteria and would like to be on the board, that person is added to the Executive Board without needing to be elected.   We welcome their continuing involvement and expertise.

Please submit your application for the RC46 Executive Board to be received no later than June 15 to tuys@uj.ac.za.  (If you are nominating someone for board membership, please send me the name of the RC46 member you are proposing.  Please send the name to tuys@uj.ac.za.  If you are nominating someone, please do that as soon as possible to allow the nominee enough time to meet the June 15 deadline for receipt of applications.

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