THE AACS CONFERENCE Making Sociology Actionable: Translation, Implementation, & Intervention Design for Social Change

October 5-9, 2020

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Welcome

Do you have sociological scholarship, research, or creative activities (SRCA) that you would like to present? Join us in our Paper and SRCA Competitions by submitting your work to and presenting in our 1st ever virtual conference! A panel of judges will review all submissions/presentations and prizes will be awarded to top works.

Would you like to share your work with like minds while developing skills that bridge the gap between sociological knowledge and practice? Submit your work (completed or in progress) for our ā€œ3 Minute Thesis Competitionā€ where you will present your work (using one PowerPoint slide only) to a non-academic audience, compete for a prize, and receive feedback from experts in the field!

Are you interested in using your sociological knowledge & skills to help solve a real-world problem for Home Suite Hope, a not-for-profit dedicated to serving homeless and single-mother led families? Sign up with a team of friends to compete in our Client Problem Solving Competition! Teams will present their solutions to Home Suite Hopeā€™s Executive Director, who will choose the best solution. A plaque naming the winning team will be sent to their school. Students in the winning team will be able to see their academic insight applied ā€œin actionā€ and receive FREE AACS membership for 4 years or until they graduate, whichever comes first.

Would you like to network with other aspiring and experienced applied and clinical sociologists? Join us for a virtual social event! Visit to become a member, submit a proposal (general submissions are due by August 1, 2020), become part of our mentoring program, or learn more!

Please direct conference related inquiries to Dr. Alison Marganski at